Best neurosurgeon in narasaraopet


Mahathma Gandhi Hospital is equipped with great facilities for the treatment in the field of neurology. Our Best neurologist in Narasaraopet Dr. Pradeep Reddy S. will see for critical neurology diseases and conditions of people and provide treatment based on observation. Neurology is a medical specialty concerned with the nervous system people who are having problems with their senses, such as smell, touch, or vision, may also need to have tested by a neurologist. Problems with senses are sometimes caused by nervous system disorders. They also check patients with headaches such as cluster headaches, migraines, stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, and also Parkinson’s disease. Neurology sub-specialties include:

Benefits With Our Service

we mainly look at the risk factors and try to recommend  for lifestyle changes to avoid further damage.

Health Tips

The Health of our Brain is also important like all the other integral parts of your body and its necessary to take steps to keep it healthy some of the tips are:

The essential factors for a balanced diet are carbs, protein,  fat, fibre, minerals, vitamins and water .

It can also help in the production of harmones and stimulates the growth of brain cells. 

It is commonly recommended to drink atleast eight glasses of water per day and also take fluids to be hydrated throughout the day.


Dr. Pradeep Kumar Reddy S.