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Kidney Treatment in Narasaraopet

Nephrology is a medical specialization concerned with kidneys and any diseases affects them. Mahathma Gandhi Hospital nephrologist Dr. Srikanth D. helps to diagnose, monitor and treat kidney conditions . The symptoms of nephrology includes loss of appetite, weight gain due to fluid retension, fatigue, severe sweelling around feet, ankles and eyes. Critical care nephrology, Kidney dialysis, Interventional nephrology,  Onconephrology, Pediatric nephrology, Kidney transplantation. Neurology mainly consists of large range of medical disciplines mainly are the study of normal kidney function. The causes and diagnoses of kidney diseases, the treatment of acute or chronic kidney diseases, the preservation of kidney function, Kidney transplantation. The Nephrology sub-specialities includes:

Benefits With Our Service

Nephrology provides an challenging and intellectually stimulating working environment.

Health Tips

Maintaining kidney healthy is important for the overall body health. By keeping your kidneys healthy your body will filter and expel waste and produce harmones.

Smoking increases the risk of lung diseases and also increases the risk of respiratory system cancers.

The foods that are good for healthy kidneys are Water, Fatty fish, Sweet potatoes, Dark leafy greens, Berries, Apples and eliminate the processed foods.

Choose continous activities like Walking, swimming, aerobics and any other activities.


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