Best Hospital for Critical Care in Narasaraopet

Best Hospital for Critical Care in Narasaraopet

Mahathma Gandhi Hospital is the best hospital for critical care in narasaraopet we provides best healthcare for patients who are facing life threatening illnesses, injuries. Their role is to provide 24 hours care. Equipped with defibrillators, ABG, pathology, ventilators, point of care testing equipment, mobile X-ray unit , round the clock radiology, cardiac monitors.Critical Care includes: 

Benefits With Our Service

Qualified, trained and experienced staff to international standards, information gap between the care team and the treating doctor is minimal, Following protocols on critical care best practice, organised communication between nurses, treating doctors and the family – enabled by , processes, technology and proper documentation and Utilizing the latest technologies

Health Tips & Info

A few simple tips to be keep in mind that will help thepatient to recover soon and also the patient will feel comfortable also.

Tell the patient that he or she is making great progress and also tell the patient that admitted in the ICU for healthy care is doing great and nothing to worry about. Patient requires the motivation for speed recovery.

Donot not make the patient speak much.You will need to be calm and composed with the patient

Do not touch the patient without discussing with the ICU staff or doctor. Even if you are sanitized also it is not allowed in some circumstances,  so do not go near patient without discussing with the doctor or the ICU staff.


Dr. N. Narendra Nath