Mahathma Gandhi Hospitals cosmetic surgeon Dr. Y. Naveen is an expert guides the patients who needs the treatments like hair styling, cosmetics, skincare, hair removal includes permanent and non permanent processes and other beauty treatments  like Cosmetic Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation, Aesthetic Facial plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery, General Skin Care, Cosmetic Skin Care, Face Treatment Guide,Breast Surgery Guide,Body Plastic Surgery, Guide Male Plastic Surgery, The equipments used are: 

Benefits With Our Service

Improving health should be continuous journey everyone strive to be healthier version. cosmotology enhances the appearance by performing variety of services for skin, hair and nails

Health Tips

The main thing to do is eat healthy, have good sleep and also do regular exercise. Small changes in life style can make miracles in our appearance.

The one thing you should never forget is to apply your sun protection even you are indoors by applying sun protection we are helping our skin to be healthy.

Minimum seven to eight glasses of water is must per day, its very impotant to be hydrated and it directly reflects on your skin 

Its important to take adequate sleep minium of eight hours of sleep is mandatory to feel fresh and active throughout the day.


Dr. Naveen Yeruva