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Advanced Cardiology

Cardiology is a Medical Specialization with the disorders of heart. It deals with the treatment and diagnosis of conditions like electrophysiology, valvular heart diseases, congenial heart disesases. Mahathma Gandhi Hospital provides the very best cardiac care in terms of design and safety in order to reduce the incidence of infection in an operating area.  Our doctor Dr. Srinivas Reddy K. have experience in handling common and critical cases either involves surgery or cardiac intervention. Mahathma Gandhi Hospital sub specialities include interventionalcardiology, echocardiography, electrophysiology, cardiac electro physiology and nuclear cardiology. Our magnificent specialists handle delicate of cardiac cases across all ages . Most cardiologists develope sub specialities includes:

Benefits With Our Service

we look at main riskfactors and try to recommend strategies for lifestyle changes and health to reduce the future risks.

Health Tips

Heart disease is the leading disese in both men and women some of the tips to prevent them are:

Increase your antioxidant intakes found in berries,  nuts,  leafy greens,  citrus fruits and also fish. Elimate processed foods and the breakfast best option is to take foods rich in fibre and high in protein.

A basic meditation exercise is very beneficial you just have to sit quietly and close your eyes and breathe slowly continue this atleast for ten minutes repeat daily.

Getting the right amount of sleep is more important and a solid seven to eight hours of sleep per night is good for healthy heart.


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